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2011, Vol. 1, No. 2

'Economics, sociology, theory and practice of public health', Kiev, April 12-15, 2011 conference proceedings

Editorial team:

bulletTatiana Andreeva,
bulletJulia Barska,
bulletOlena Iakunchykova,
bulletLiudmyla Khomych,
bulletDarya Semenova

Table of content


Multisectoral studies in the field of Public Health in Ukraine
Tatiana Andreeva

Health care financing

Willingness to pay for physician services at a primary contact in Ukraine: Results of a contingent valuation study
Andriy Danyliv, Milena Pavlova, Irena Gryga, Wim Groot

Alternative mechanisms of state public health institutions financing in Ukraine
Anastasiya Hural, Irena Gryga

Health services and policies

Policy to shape healthy lifestyles among youth in Ukraine: organizational aspects
Iryna Liashchuk, Tetyana Semigina

Public health system indicators associated with average life expectancy differentiation in Ukrainian regions
Bogodar Shmyglyk

Infectious diseases

Modified respondent driven sampling as a practical method for sampling of hidden risk networks
Pavlo Smyrnov

Social risk factors that influence the spread of HIV among pregnant women in Ukraine
Liudmyla Slobodianyk, Tatiana Andreeva

Is the estimated HIV prevalence under impact of respondents motivation (exemplar of female sex workers)
Victoria Melnyk, Tetiana Saliuk

Factors associated with tuberculosis among injection drug users in Ukraine based on the results of 2004 behavioral survey
Olga Khryshchuk, Tatiana Andreeva

Health behaviors and risk factors

Health behavior as a key construct for social epidemiology, sociology of health, and public health
Tatiana Andreeva

Characteristics associated with being overweight among the population of Ukraine, results of 2000 survey
Natalia Chagarna, Tatiana Andreeva

Life style factors and number of chronic diseases
Huma Mustehsan, Tatiana Andreeva 

Health behavior disparities: a universal trend or a peculiarity for the developed countries?
Tatiana Andreeva

Alcohol use

Early initiation of alcohol consumption by adolescents in reconstructed families may be explained by parenting style
Olena Iakunchykova

Families with increased risk of alcohol and tobacco use by adolescents
Valeria Prosol, Olena Iakunchykova, Julia Kozlova, Tatiana Andreeva

Tobacco use and quitting smoking

Possible causes of quitting smoking among women in Ukraine
Ksenia Bondarenko, Tatiana Andreeva

The determinants of quitting or reducing smoking due to the tobacco tax increase
Olena Tigova

Impact of home and workplace restriction on quitting smoking among adult population in Ukraine in 2005
Anton Belyi, Tatiana Andreeva

Injection drug use

Distribution of injection drug use epidemics in Ukraine
Tetyana Vasylyeva, Tatiana Andreeva

HIV prevention among female injecting drug users via couples counseling
Liudmyla Shulga

Factors of opiate overdose among injection drug users
Anna Tokar

Condom use

Risky behavior and access to information about HIV among men who have sex with men as determinants of condom use with occasional partners in Ukraine
Nadiya Klymenko

Is condom use by men who have sex with men associated with awareness about HIV?
Tatiana Fomenko

Was HIV knowledge associated with condom use at first sex among Ukrainian teenagers in 2007?
Valentyna Yavorska

Reproductive health

Factors associated with miscarriages: results of the 1999 Ukraine Reproductive Health Survey
Liudmyla Khomych, Tatiana Andreeva

Determinants of accepting unintended pregnancies by Ukrainian women: Results of a 2007 survey
Julia Barska

Determinants of contraceptive use by women of reproductive age in Ukraine, results of 1999 survey
Olena Matsera; Julia Barska

The determinants of induced abortion among women in Ukraine, results of 2007 survey
Anastasia Baranovska, Julia Barska  

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