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Tobacco Control and Public Health in Eastern Europe
founded in honor of professor Ilya N. Andreev,
the first coordinator of the coalition 
'For smoke-free Tatarstan'


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Calls for papers

International peer-review open-access journal ‘Tobacco Control and Public Health in Eastern Europe’ invites contributions from Public Health professionals and researchers with emphasize on low- and middle-income countries.

The journal currently does not apply author fees. Preliminary inquiries with regard to the topic and content of future submissions are welcome.  


Earlier calls for papers

January 2012

Call for abstracts:
2nd conference on Economics, sociology, theory and practice of public health

Conference program

You can download this announcement from here

School of Public Health of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy announces the second conference on Economics, sociology, theory and practice of public health, 12-13 April, 2012.

Representatives of academic and research institutions, medical universities and schools, institutions of ministries of health and nongovernmental organizations involved in health-related activity are invited to participate. Within the conference both research presentations and lectures (workshops) from renowned experts and researchers are planned.

Topics of the conference include:

- Health Economics;
- Health management;
- Determinants of health and disease;
- Health interventions on national, regional and local levels;
- Evaluation of health interventions’ effects;
- Evidence-based practice in health care and public health;
- Health Policy.

Forms of participation:

- personal (research report with the publication of abstracts, workshop, lecture)
- distant participation (publication of abstracts only)
- article publication


Abstracts will be published in the conference abstract book – a supplement to a journal ‘Tobacco Control and Public Health in Eastern Europe’. Guidelines for the abstract preparation are available online at , section ‘Abstracts’.

Languages of oral presentations are English or Ukrainian. Deadline for abstract submission is March 1, 2012.

Proceedings of the first conference on ‘Economics, sociology, theory and practice of public health’ which was held on April 12-15, 2011, can be found online at

All the abstracts will be reviewed before being accepted. Only those abstracts that meet the content and the structure requirements will be accepted for publication. Authors will be notified about the results of the review process 20 days prior to the conference. Authors will be asked to cover the printing costs, as well as mailing costs in case of distant participation.

Presentation duration

Oral presentations will be limited by 10 minutes followed by a 10-minute discussion. Workshops and lectures are planned for 40-80 minutes.

Articles publication

In addition to oral presentations and abstracts, authors are suggested to submit their work in the form of articles (original research, literature review). After having been reviewed, the articles may be published in international peer-reviewed open-access journal ‘Tobacco control and public health in Eastern Europe’. Acceptable languages are English, Russian, and Ukrainian. For more information, please see instructions online.


Experienced researchers who are interested to present a series of their studies, are suggested to contact the conference organizers about presenting an overview lecture. For those who would like to share their advanced methodology approaches, format of a workshop is suggested. Workshops and lectures are expected to last 40-80 minutes and will provide an opportunity for delegates to gain new knowledge and skills and provide a forum for discussion and interaction.

Conference submission Form

To register for the conference, please provide us with the information listed below and send us a request for the participation before March 1, 2012, at

- Report title

- Name of the first author, name of the second author

- Place of work or study and position of the first author, e-mail address of the first author

- Place of work or study and position of the second author, second author’s e-mail address

- Background

- Material and methods

- Results

- Discussion and / or conclusions

- Keywords

Abstracts must not exceed 300 words (excluding title, information about authors and keywords).

Please also provide the following information:

Form of participation: personal / distant.

Type of performance: oral research report / workshop / lecture.

For those who are to present a lecture/workshop: The planned duration of the lecture or workshop __

Do authors plan to submit an article on this (or another ____________) topic? Yes/ no and if yes, when _________

Application should be sent by email to , deadline March, 1, 2012.

We would appreciate if you shared this information with other potentially interested researchers.  

12 August 2011

Next issue of the journal Tobacco Control and Public Health in Eastern Europe (TCPHEE) is planned to be devoted to Population surveys as a tool to assess population health and to inform public health policy. The issue is to be associated with the seminar planned in Tbilisi in November 2011. However, both the participants of the seminar and other researchers are welcome to submit papers.

It is expected that authors will contribute two major types of papers.

bulletFirst type of papers is expected to be lectures/literature reviews aimed to systematize approaches towards planning and conducting surveys. Papers which address peculiarities of conducting surveys in low and middle income countries are especially welcome.
bulletSecond type papers are to be original studies based on population surveys as examples of the approach. Original studies may be presented in a form of both brief reports and more detailed original articles with up to four tables/figures and up to four thousand words of text.

Instructions for authors can be found at

The time of submissions is not limited; however, those papers will be most beneficial which are submitted in September-October 2011.