Substance Abuse

Tobacco Control and Public Health in Eastern Europe
founded in honor of professor Ilya N. Andreev,
the first coordinator of the coalition 
'For smoke-free Tatarstan'


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Substance Abuse

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bulletInjection drug use

Opioid substitution treatment in Ukraine: review of the peer-reviewed literature
Alyona Mazhnaya, Zahedul Islam  

Social and political embeddedness of approaches to health and illness: author's response
Jennifer J Carrol 

Explanatory models of health and disease: surprises from within the former Soviet Union
Tatiana I Andreeva

Estimate of the extent of opiate overdose in Ukraine
Tokar, Anna; Andreeva, Tatiana

HIV gender-based vulnerabilities of women using drugs in long-term heterosexual relationships: baseline results from a randomized trial in Ukraine
Shulga, Liudmyla

Peer Driven Intervention (PDI) as an approach to reduce risky practices among injection drug users (IDUs) in Ukraine
Vasylyeva, Tetyana; Andreeva, Tatiana I.; Smyrnov, Pavlo

Outreach nurses in Harm Reduction projects: improving acceptability and availability of medical care to drug users 
Dvinskykh, Natalya; Shulga, Liudmyla; Botvin, Sergiy

Changing drug use and HIV prevalence among injecting drug users in Ukraine: evidence from biobehavioral surveys
Dumchev, Kostyantyn; Saliuk, Tetyana; Shvab, Inna; Smyrnov, Pavlo; Vitek, Charles

“Project Protect” intervention. Testing a new approach for HIV prevention 
Vasylyeva, Tetyana; Friedman, Samuel R.; Smyrnov, Pavlo

Proportion of long-term injection drug users as an indicator to characterize the state and prognosis of HIV-epidemic within a certain territory
Vasylyeva, Tetyana; Andreeva, Tatiana

Early initiation of alcohol consumption by adolescents in reconstructed families may be explained by parenting style
Iakunchykova, Olena

Families with increased risk of alcohol and tobacco use by adolescents
Valeria Prosol, Olena Iakunchykova, Julia Kozlova, Tatiana Andreeva

Factors associated with tuberculosis among injection drug users in Ukraine based on the results of 2004 behavioral survey
Olga Khryshchuk, Tatiana Andreeva       email