Tobacco Control and Public Health in Eastern Europe
founded in honor of professor Ilya N. Andreev,
the first coordinator of the coalition 
‘For smoke-free Tatarstan'


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2011, Vol. 1, No. 1

Table of content


Studies in the field of tobacco control: what kind they are and what they are for? Examples from Kazan
T. I. Andreeva

Original articles

Monitoring of tobacco smoke particulate matter air pollution in the universities of Kazan city
G.A. Ananjeva, T.I. Andreeva, Z.M. Bilalova, V.A. Vasylyev, R.R. Sairanov, M.K. Perekhodko, V.L. Kamalova, D.V. Kholodnova

Smoking among adolescents in Russia in comparison with other countries of central and Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union
A. V. Tokar, T. I. Andreeva

Medical students’ readiness to provide smoking cessation help
E.N. Andreicheva, T.I. Andreeva, G.A. Ananjeva

Scope of illegal tobacco products sales in Kazan city
G.A. Ananjeva, T.I. Andreeva

Brief reports

Monitoring study of smoke-free policies implementation in a higher education facility
F.Z. Vildanova

Case study of health education aimed at smoking prevention in a medical college
L.G. Nurieva

Successful motivation of giving up smoking and factors supporting it
V.V. Paksyutova

Psychological motivation and physiological consequences of smoking in university students
E.T. Farkhutdinova

Alternative ways of antismoking education of studying youth: what to be used instead of stories about harm for health
Vladimir M. Lovchev


Evaluation of the tobacco epidemic and tobacco control measures at national and municipal levels
T.I. Andreeva

Literature review

Smoking prevalence among adults in the Russian Federation
Konstantin S. Krasovsky

In memoriam – Professor Ilya N. Andreev

Selected papers

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